How to get rid of dog hair from Clothes and Couches?

how to get rid of pet hair from furnitures, clothes, bedsheets
how to get rid of pet hair from furnitures, clothes, bedsheets

Getting a pet is one of the most amazing experience you have been through and you cannot count how many amazing stories you’ve shared with your god, until they start shedding and then it is a total mess.

You have their fur on your clothes, in your room, on the walls, the carpet, sofas, couches, bed sheets and even things that are supposed to clean the dog fur are full of dog fur. So how do you get rid of dog hair from the sheets, blankets and everything else and prevent it from coming back?

There are a few very easy ways to do that but all you need to know the right method to do that without harming your pets or damaging your property.

How to get rid of dog hair from Clothes and Couches?

Dogs just love to rub themselves against you when you are chilling on a couch or when you come back home, besides all the other times. No wonder why your shirts are always full of fur. While most people think washing their clothes in the machine gets them clear of dog fur, well it doesn’t, in fact it just spreads it to all the clothes. So here are a few methods that actually work.

what is the best vacuum for pet hair?

  • Rub Velcro curlers on the surface to catch the hair

Have you ever seen hair stuck in the Velcro curlers? It starts looking its Velcro strength when hair just stick in it and it is impossible to get them out. Let’s use it in our favor! Use Velcro curlers and rub it on your shirts, t-shirt, jeans and even couches to get rid of the dog hair.

  • Use sellotape to peel off some fur

While using a sellotape is not the most convenient method to remove the fur from the clothes and different things, it works. It is slow, and it is tedious to do that, but well it works and there is nothing wrong with what works considering the options are already limited.

How to get rid of dog hair or your dog fur from your Bed, Sheets and Blankets?

You’ve told your dog a thousand times, but they won’t stop jumping on the bed and there it is, your entire bed sheet is full of dog hair. Now how do you sleep on the bed without getting itchy?

Static Electricity

Most of the bedsheets and blankets are made of materials that promote static electricity on rubbing and we have seen static pulling hair towards it. So why don’t we use it?

  • Use rubber soles

Rubber foot soles have proved to be one of the most effective ways to remove the hair since they develop static very quickly and retain it for a very long time. The only problem with the rubber soles is that when they lose the static the hair drop back off. Also, it is very difficult to find a sole that could be used on a bed, is clean and does not stink.

  • Use rubber gloves

Rubber gloves usually take a little longer to develop a decent static charge but once they do, they overcome all the drawbacks of the rubber soles. You can always grab on to the hair that are stuck in your hand once the static starts settling.

Adhesive Roller

There are a lot of roller like objects in the market that are specifically designed to grab the hair off blankets. Such rollers usually have a sticky or adhesive property and could be easily found on any drug store. These rollers cling only to the dog hair and other loose objects lying on your bed and not to the bed sheet.

So, they will only take the dog hair off and not rip your bedsheets.

How to get rid of dog hair from Furniture?

What season does your furniture hate the most? The dog hair shedding season. The wooden furniture could bear rains and high humidity but not the dog hair shedding season, which is for most of the dogs, the Summer.

Everything gets worse when the hair shedding beings and most of the times it feels like you are just being overwhelmed under them. But the point it how well you could take care of it. There are three very easy ways to battle the shedding.

Cover your furniture

The best way to avoid fur to get deposited in the unreachable nooks and corners in your furniture it to cover it with a cloth. Use a disposable or old cloth to cover everything you can. Use is through the week and wash it and dust it on the weekends, just keep your dog out while you do the cleaning and dusting, otherwise it would be of no use.

And no, don’t worry, you won’t need to keep your furniture covered through the year. Studies say most of the animals have a few weeks where they shed a lot, while the rest of the year is a few to no hair, if your dog is healthy.

Groom your dog

No, no, don’t scroll. Don’t try to duck away from your responsibility of grooming your dog. They need care too and they are going to shed until you don’t groom their hair and take the hair which are about to shed out with a brush, every day or every alternate day.

Grooming your dog does not only remove the hair which are about to shed, it also increases the strength of your dog’s hair and reduces shedding. Basically, grooming is your dog’s hair’s natural strengthener and you should do it for them before they start licking and breaking their hair out.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

You know you are not going to do any of the above said things. You are not going to rub a balloon on your sheets, use sellotape or groom your dog. Using cloth to cover your furniture is just not practical. So, get a vacuum cleaner that can clean furniture, carpets and even sheets. There are vacuum cleaners which use multi-surface technology. Using something like that will solve all your problems at once.

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